Military retiree dating

Service members, who elect discharge before age 60, will have their highest 36 months of basic pay based on the date of discharge.Longevity service stops and future pay raises will be considered.The statements will be available by the first of each month and you will be able to access up to 12 months of statements.Please register an email address in your account, so we can send you an email reminder each month when your statement is available.You will generally be expected to choose your retirement plan between 14 ½ and 15 years of service.There are three retirement formulas to choose from; each one results in the percentage of your basic pay that you will receive for your retirement pension.The only exception is when the first of the month falls on a weekend or holiday.

Please allow up to 60 days to process an extended audit of your account.

Understanding your RAS is an important first step in managing your retirement pay.

, the official online account management system for military members and Do D employees.

Final Pay Plan – You are eligible for this plan if your entry to military service was before September 8, 1980 Retirement pay is based upon your final rank and length of service as of your retirement date.

For each year of service beyond 20, retired pay increases by 2.5 percent of basic pay, up to a maximum of 100 percent of basic pay for 40 years of service.


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