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For women, masculine energy appears to be available to them in “instant format” with Bad Boys who show up with the pretense of masculine energy.

It’s not authentic masculine energy, it’s a Bad Boy’s best representation of what they think a real man looks like.

This leaves her feeling vulnerable and maybe even a little nauseous if he tries to make a move.

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The resulting pain, confusion, frustration, and sadness convinced me that human beings are not made to endure break-ups.

For preceding generations, when one often had less choice in the matter of a life-long lover, and with happiness in marriage being “entirely a matter of chance,” practical compatibility was the priority rather than romance. Hearts, I am sure (and Jane Austen assures me), did inevitably break, but much romantic longing was kept reasonably in check by demands imposed by a society which made simply speaking to someone without a formal introduction something of a scandal. There have never before been so many ways to find, connect with, and woo a potential beau.

But the haystack may have gotten a little too big: with so much more variety, there’s also a lot more room for things to get complicated. The dramatic and damaging fluctuating of emotion that the Bennett sisters go through in “Pride and Prejudice” would make for an average chapter in the plot of the modern woman’s dating story. A study commissioned last year found that the average woman will “kiss 15 men, enjoy two long-term relationships, have her heart broken twice, suffer four disaster dates, be stood up once, have been in love twice, have lived with one ex-partner, and have four one night stands” before settling down with “the one.” That’s a lot for one heart to go through, especially considering how emotional turmoil affects the mind and body. We contemporary homo sapiens have the luxury of take-out and fast-food delivery for our nourishment, so we don’t usually starve under the strain of heartache.

To be able to recognise a conscious man easily, these are a few of the most common traits: A conscious man will take care of his emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and he will likely be attracted to a person who does the same.

To to attract a conscious man it is essential to do the vital inner work needed to ensure there is progression towards fully loving ourselves and being the best version of who we are so we reach our highest potential.


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