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Open another terminal window so you have two open inside the /base folder.In Terminal 1, start your server with this command: Ngrok will print out information about your account and server with a domain that you can then send requests to.And like Alexa, Google Home will be constantly listening, always at the ready to do your bidding.Introducing the chatbot trend turned out to require quite a hefty piece of content. Sometimes it is powered by machine learning (the chatbot gets smarter the more you interact with it). Important life-saving health messages, to check the weather forecast or to purchase a new pair of shoes, and anything else in between. ) The chatbot can talk to you through different channels; such as Facebook Messenger, Siri, We Chat, Telegram, SMS, Slack, Skype and many others.Now, when you open the domain you should see the word “okay” printed to your screen.So, now we have a working server that is exposed to a public domain.Improved algorithms coupled with more powerful computers have increased the depth of neural networks — the layers of abstraction they can process.”[vii] Some key developments in the AI space include: Tech Players’ AI Agendas and chatbot offerings Amazon The company’s voice assistant Alexa seems to be “the darling of CES 2017.”[xii] Amazon’s success is largely due to supporting an open source environment, offering developers the tools needed to build skills apps for Alexa products, or to integrate Alexa into their products.The process is so easily accomplished that Amazon says the company “constantly discovers products with Alexa baked in that no one at the company heard about before.”[xiii]Alexa powered Echo is Amazon’s “third-best-selling gadget.”[xiv] Alexa may not be as versatile as Siri — yet — but it turned out to have a distinct advantage: “a sense of purpose, and of its own limitations. ”[xv]The cheat sheet’s effect is to “lower expectations to a level that even a relatively simplistic artificial intelligence can plausibly meet on a regular basis.”[xvi]Facebook Zuckerberg said at Facebook’s 2016 annual developers conference in San Francisco that one key goal “is advancing artificial intelligence technology and building systems that are better than people in perception.”[xvii] These systems will recognize and explain objects in an image or understand speech when spoken to.” Facebook’s photo-sharing app, Moments, “uses facial recognition to understand human faces in pictures.”[xviii]Zuckerberg “unveiled the launch of the new messenger platform to build AI bots, enabling developers to build natural language services to communicate with people.

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“Artificial neural networks, which imitate the ability of the human brain to learn, have greatly improved the way software recognizes patterns in images, audio, and text, among other forms of data.

Google“It’s early days for the Google Assistant,”[xxi] however Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai envisions a day where it will become possible to build “an individual Google for each user.”[xxii]“Our vision for the Google Assistant is to be universal, to be there everywhere the user needs it to be,” Pichai said.

While the “Pixel phone will put Google’s AI front and center, Google Home is where it will really shine, that’s where we will most naturally interact with AI assistants using voice commands.”[xxiii] The assistant will harness the search giant’s massive knowledge graph to deliver results that make sense.

Therefore, messaging applications are currently the most popular way companies deliver chatbot experiences to consumers.

Here is a video example of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, from David Marcus, VP Messaging at Facebook (starts around 7m19s).


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