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He changed his ways, choosing one partner – even when tempted by others!

So it’s worth not being able to pee for little while post-boot-banging, right?

Stella finds an envelope marked “For Your Eyes Only,” addressed to Emmit.

Sweaty, glowy and deliciously satisfied, you amble off to the loo, only to sit down and… Because, in the chemistry of lurve, when you hit O town, two bonding hormones are released by your brain.

The 5 Times Your Orgasm Will Feel INTENSELY Different But why would this hormone crop up specifically during orgasm?

For the price of a beer, we can print and distribute 100 voter guides. For a few candidate races in our guide, you’ll see us refer to what we wrote “back in June”.

That means that there was a primary a few months ago in which candidates had to vanquish a wider field of opponents.


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