Cataract surgery accommodating lens

A big advantage of multifocal lenses, said Stephen G. D., Houston, is that the Re STOR lens (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas) has the best near vision of any of the lenses. Slade said, “The disadvantage [of multifocal lenses] is that some patients, not very many, but some have problems with the quality of vision, either glare or halos or they describe waxy vision or things like that.” Paul J. D., clinical instructor of ophthalmology, Jules Stein Eye Institute, University of California at Los Angeles, said of the two multifocals, his preferred lens is the Re STOR Aspheric because it tends to be the most effective at eliminating the need for glasses for distance and near.

“Typically who I use the multifocal Re STOR for patients who are most motivated to eliminate their need for reading glasses and who don’t do a lot of night driving.

Eye World takes a look at the pros and cons of the lenses. D., Nashville, agreed, “The Re STOR is definitely the best near vision lens on the planet.” However, Dr.

Although it has nothing to do with cataracts, astigmatism can be reduced or nearly eliminated at the same time that cataract surgery is done.

By mapping your corneal shape with a diagnostic technology called corneal topography, we can calculate the amount of astigmatism correction that your eye should require in eyeglasses following cataract surgery.

Chang, MD Toric lens implants are one of the most popular technologies for cataract patients with astigmatism who do not intend to wear eyeglasses at all times.

They are designed to improve how well you see without eyeglasses in the distance, as compared to if you had a standard lens implant. Like nearsightedness, astigmatism describes a common type of natural blur in healthy eyes that is corrected by wearing eyeglasses.


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