Gen x and online dating

Healthcare and high tech are the booming fields now and that will continue for decades. The cohort known as "Xennials" are composed of the oldest Millenials.Thus careers in science, engineering, software, and medicine are a good choice. This is a "crossover generation." Born roughly between 19 plus or minus a few years. Keith Kellogg had been doing the job since Mike Flynn resigned late last Monday. He will stay on active duty, the White House confirmed. John Bolton, Mc Master, Kellogg and Lieutenant General Robert Caslen. His new job will entail being Trump's in-house national security expert.

We’ve all got names for who we think Millennials are. It would be easy to assume the two ends of the spectrum don’t have anything in common.

To get to the bottom of why, we need to define what makes someone happy or unhappy in the first place.

It comes down to a simple formula: It's pretty straightforward -- when the reality of someone's life is better than they had expected, they're happy.

When reality turns out to be worse than the expectations, they're unhappy.

To provide some context, let's start by bringing Lucy's parents into the discussion: Lucy's parents were born in the '50s -- they're Baby Boomers.


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