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Being outnumbered by 10 million men, they compete for fewer candidates and they need to always look their best.

The cartoon employs an eye-assaulting color scheme not generally seen since the days of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John.For this reason there are not too many girls in our catalogue.However all the ladies are personally vetted to ensure that they are genuine .The Soundplane detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. arc|tangent is a new monome arc app I am working on for high resolution control of anything in a generic sense with a lot of options for routing on the fly.The Soundplane A can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with position and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous surface. Here are the technical details: Soundplane is also responding to pressure as well a x position and relative to where you first touched a pitch. Resolutions are variable from highly quantized to pretty much unlimited resolution if you are willing to spin the dial enough times. (FOX 11) - As the saying goes sex sells everything, even real estate, apparently.


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