1st anniversary dating ideas

Looking for comical print or poster for your anniversary gift the website offers many prints which can be personalized with your recipients’ faces, names and anniversary dates.Perhaps you’re still paying off your wedding while you are searching for a first anniversary gift–that doesn’t mean you should skip the occasion.Plus what would fit with the theme that you know that they would love.To help you we have put together ideas for all of your traditional anniversaries, for your husband, your wife, your parents and your grandparents.Funny gifts are a bit riskier if you are getting an anniversary gift for your partner.He or she might take offense if they don’t see the gift with the same sense of humor as you do or if she was expecting jewelry and gets a gag gift – in either case you could be in the dog house.Post’s 1922 list included gifts for first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversaries.

Your 1st will be memorable as it is your first, traditionally you celebrate with paper and as well as a card there are lots of ways to incorporate this into your celebrations. Pure cotton is a luxury and can mean anything from a cotton hanky to new bed linen. They are the perfect chance to remember the day you committed to be each other’s “one and only” for the rest of your lives!And we think that deserves some special celebrating.It is common knowledge that 25 years is silver and 50 years is gold but when it gets to the more obscure years who knows?There is something so romantic about the traditional list as you really have to think hard about what you could buy or make.Yes, the Basically, we’ve done all the “thinking” and work for you!


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