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The persona he projects is contantly shifting: by turns maudlin, belligerent, tender and sardonic. But now that he is an adult, the 45-year-old Danny seems like a child—albeit one afflicted with premature aging syndrome, to judge by his haggard, sad-eyed (yet still freckled) face.

In addition to being a recovering alcoholic and former crack addict who once lived in his car behind Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, he admits to being addicted to sex, exercise, and steroids (in Episode 2, we see him shoot up some 'roids before heading to the gym to pump iron).

What do you do when you’re desperate to hold onto your marriage but your spouse wants out? “I would cut off my right arm just to have her sit next to me for five minutes.” Finishing the Emotional Business Danny watches an interview with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

But children, that is not the gospel, so do not go repeating that number to every Tom, Dick, and Sally who gives a rat’s ass about Danny , but we are concerned this house has a severe lack of harmony which has resulted in considerable upheaval and discord in the home and which may be in part responsible for the high drama and hysterics of the family.

Other viewers, including many in the show's growing cult of fans, claim that the show has gone beyond exploitation to become a raw and moving documentary of one family's collapse.

I started out in the former category, and now, six episodes in, have migrated uneasily over to the latter.

Phil tells him that healing must be done before they can move on as co-parents.

“You can divorce each other, but you can’t divorce them.” A Broken Home A week after his talk with Danny, Dr.


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    She attended the Schuster-Martin School of Drama in Cincinnati, Ohio, which was founded by an aunt of the actor Tyrone Power.