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The concept has experienced periodic reemergence in the medical literature, and recent studies of the modality date back mostly to the 1950s.In 1954, Hegnauer and D'Amato demonstrated decreased oxygen consumption in hypothermic dogs, Until relatively recently, evidence for targeted temperature management (TTM) has lacked sufficient weight and the advisory panel support that thereby follows to propel it into common practice.Less than half of victims who develop return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) survive to leave the hospital alive, and the cause of death is anoxic brain injury in most patients with ROSC who die within one month of the cardiac arrest.Inducing mild therapeutic hypothermia in selected patients surviving out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest has a major impact on long-term neurologically intact survival and may prove to be one of the most important clinical advancements in the science of resuscitation.

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Rewarming can be begun 24 hours after the time of initiation of cooling, with avoidance of hyperthermia.Below is a list of doctors whose registration is currently suspended or whose last practising certificate was suspended in the last 24 months.Doctors whose registration has been cancelled This means the doctor is removed from the Medical Register indefinitely.The power to cancel a doctor’s registration mainly rests with the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT).Most instances of cancellation result from an HPDT order, following a HPDT hearing into a doctor’s conduct or competence.Although the vast majority of doctors are both highly competent and ethical, sometimes a doctor's conduct or competence is of such concern that (following appropriate investigations and hearings) the Council or the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) decides to suspend that doctor.


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