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The casting toggle works for both Air Play and Chromecast.

We also worked on another series of training videos for Firefighters and EMT’s which featured: Kevin Kenny, Brian Gallagher and Rashieda Awan.

JW 7.9 brings a major refactor to Casting support that aims to make integrating with the popular second screen experience even easier.

We cast over 200 talent (both principals and extras) for 5 episodes!

Follow us on Facebook for details when the show will air. Here’s a brief update on some of the many bookings we wrapped up 2015 with… Actors Star in Two of Television’s Most Tantalizing Chillers Mike Lemon Casting recently teamed up with Investigation Discovery’s “Epic Mysteries” and The Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” over Read More “Finding Your Voice” Mike Lemon Casting has been busy with voice-over work the past few months.


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